silent hill cheats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
AmbassadorGet the UFO ending
BrawlerKill 50%+ of all enemies with only your fists
ButcherGet the Bad ending
CartographerLooked at map less then 25 times
CodebreakerDo the Konami Code during your second playthough or up
CollectorCollect more then 300 items
DaredevilFinish the game without saving
ExplorerDistanced ran or walked greater then 22.5 km
FiremanSave Alessa in the beginning in less then 80 seconds
Night Vision GogglesAchieve the "Stalker" Accolade
SaviorFinish the game once
SharpshooterKill 75%+ of all enemies with a firearm
SprinterFinish game in under 2 hours
StalkerUse flashlight for less then 3 hours
WeaponsmithKill 75%+ of all enemies with melee weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bad EndingKill 200 enemies for second time
Good EndingBeat the game for first time
UFO EndingUse Room 502 Key at the Motel Room

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Fire AxeRecieved after getting the Fireman Accolade
Great CleaverGet the Bad Ending
Moon GauntletsBeat the game once.
Unlimited RifleGet UFO Ending