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alpha 2 cheats

Pick your character by pressing two puch or two kick buttons simultaneously to get alternate colors.Extra Colors

Select the two player mode. Then hold Start at the character selection screen, then highlight Sagat for five seconds. Then highlight any character, release Start, and press any button.Fight in the Grass stage

Play as Super Street Fighter II DhalsimAt the character select screen hold Start for 1 second, then let go and press Left, Down, Right, Up

At the character select screen in a two player game, highlight the character whose background stage you'd like to play in and press the Start button for four seconds. Then choose your player. When the fight begins you'll be in the background you picked.Background Select

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alpha cheats

Aluminum BatSelect Cracker Jack, then hold Up + Square + Circle + R1 + R2 until the match starts
Bonus Barrel GameHighlight practice at the mode selection menu, then press Start, Up, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Start. Then go into practice mode.
Hidden CharactersHighlight practice at the mode select screen and press Select, Up, Right, Down, Right, Select

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ending CreditsBeat arcade mode with all characters (including secret). You can now view the credits in the ending collection (option menu)
Extra OptionsBeat Arcade mode at the hardest difficulty setting. You can see this new option in the option menu.
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silent hill 2 cheats

Bonus Riddle ModeBeat the game using all three Riddle Difficulty settings to unlock a fourth difficulty.              
New OptionsOnce you beat the game you will find new options in the Options menu including Bullet Adjust (gives you x2 or x3 bullets when finding ammo- say for example you get 12 bullets, if you set it to x2 you would get 24) and and option the lets you turn off the noise filters. 

ChainsawWhen you beat the game, you get a replay option. Go into the replay option and when James is walking down the hill in the very beginning of the game, near the Silent Hill Ranch theres a mysterious pile of logs that appear! Go to it to obtain the chainsaw.              
Hyper SprayBeat the game 2 times with the same ending type and on the 3rd time, it's in the motor home on south side. 

Book of Crimson CeremonyIn the Alternate Lakeside Hotel Reading Room.             
Book Of Lost MemoriesThis is in the Newspaper Stand near Texxon gas station.              
ChainsawComplete the game on normal difficulty and puzzle settings, start a new game and look in the logs near the cemetery, the chainsaw is there.             
Dog KeyComplete with the rebirth ending and the dog key will be in the dog house near Jack's Inn.              
Obsidian GobletOn a shelf in the Historical Society.             
White ChrismFind the White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments 

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silent hill cheats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
AmbassadorGet the UFO ending
BrawlerKill 50%+ of all enemies with only your fists
ButcherGet the Bad ending
CartographerLooked at map less then 25 times
CodebreakerDo the Konami Code during your second playthough or up
CollectorCollect more then 300 items
DaredevilFinish the game without saving
ExplorerDistanced ran or walked greater then 22.5 km
FiremanSave Alessa in the beginning in less then 80 seconds
Night Vision GogglesAchieve the "Stalker" Accolade
SaviorFinish the game once
SharpshooterKill 75%+ of all enemies with a firearm
SprinterFinish game in under 2 hours
StalkerUse flashlight for less then 3 hours
WeaponsmithKill 75%+ of all enemies with melee weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bad EndingKill 200 enemies for second time
Good EndingBeat the game for first time
UFO EndingUse Room 502 Key at the Motel Room

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Fire AxeRecieved after getting the Fireman Accolade
Great CleaverGet the Bad Ending
Moon GauntletsBeat the game once.
Unlimited RifleGet UFO Ending

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