silent hill 2 cheats

Bonus Riddle ModeBeat the game using all three Riddle Difficulty settings to unlock a fourth difficulty.              
New OptionsOnce you beat the game you will find new options in the Options menu including Bullet Adjust (gives you x2 or x3 bullets when finding ammo- say for example you get 12 bullets, if you set it to x2 you would get 24) and and option the lets you turn off the noise filters. 

ChainsawWhen you beat the game, you get a replay option. Go into the replay option and when James is walking down the hill in the very beginning of the game, near the Silent Hill Ranch theres a mysterious pile of logs that appear! Go to it to obtain the chainsaw.              
Hyper SprayBeat the game 2 times with the same ending type and on the 3rd time, it's in the motor home on south side. 

Book of Crimson CeremonyIn the Alternate Lakeside Hotel Reading Room.             
Book Of Lost MemoriesThis is in the Newspaper Stand near Texxon gas station.              
ChainsawComplete the game on normal difficulty and puzzle settings, start a new game and look in the logs near the cemetery, the chainsaw is there.             
Dog KeyComplete with the rebirth ending and the dog key will be in the dog house near Jack's Inn.              
Obsidian GobletOn a shelf in the Historical Society.             
White ChrismFind the White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments 

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