need for speed porsche unleashed cheats

Code              Result


RKOCAR  - Unlock all cars 
RKOPATH - Unlock all Tracks 
RKOALL  - Unlock all cars & Tracks
RKOCASH - Get 9999999$ in evolution mode

Gulliver - The Porsches are all shrunk down to the size of RC cars
Smash Up - Smash-up derby mode in multiplayer
Dakar - Tired of Street Racing? Changes car physics and tracks to Rally style.
Fuzzyfuz - Enables cops in quick race (not on all tracks: i.e.-Monaco).
yraGyraG - Enables all cars to have 993 physics.
fetherw8 - This cheat code makes cars way heavier.
freewill - Double speed in single player mode.



  1. good post but i want call of duty cheats ..........

    1. hari hari evath tawa tika davasakin danava......